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Calm Before, our first audio plugin. Make your drops sound absolutely MASSIVE!


Introducing: Calm Before

There are some very simple tricks that all pros use

before every single drop or chorus for extra impact.

They wind down the energy and cut out certain elements

from the mix in the moments leading up to the drop.

This creates tension and a period of 'calm before' the drop. 


Why do this? When everything comes back in at the drop,

it will sound louder, wider, and way more impactful.

What are these tricks?

1. Cut some low end out

2. Cut some high end out

3. Reduce the volume

4. Narrow the stereo image

5. Add some washout

The Calm Before plugin automates all of these parameters (and more)

so you can quickly create the perfect moment of Calm Before. 

Once you master the Calm Before even the most minimal

drop or chorus will sound absolutely massive!

Hear it in action:

Read more about Big DAW Audio:

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