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Calm Before

Calm Before

It's that short moment of calm before the drop or chorus that matters the most when it comes to making your drops and choruses impactful and stand out to your listeners. Master the Calm Before and even the most minimal of drops or choruses will sound massive!


The Calm Before gives you precise control over the most common tools used by producers, audio engineers, and DJs to add tension to buildups and transitions and make their big moments shine. And everything is linked to one simple control, so you can create complex custom automation in just a few seconds: 


  • Cut the lows
  • Cut the highs 
  • Reduce the volume
  • Adjust the stereo image / width
  • Add washout


Other features:

The plugin is packed with features and utilities so you can use the Calm Before for other mixing and mastering tasks as well, reducing the number of plugins you need in your chain: 


  • Separate HPF and LPF: Yes you read that right! There is an extra low and high pass filter built into the plugin (i.e. a second set of filters). This allows you to roll off the extreme low and high frequencies of the song to build headroom. These filters remain in place at all times, regardless of the position of the handle. 
  • Linear phase mode: Prevents phase issues when filtering.
  • Bass mono slider: Choose how much low end is in mono. 
  • Slope and Q control: Control how steep your filters are, and whether they will add resonance over time.
  • Width Unlink: Unlink the width parameter from the main handle, allowing you to add or reduce the width of the song by a fixed amount if needed.
  • Washout customization: Choose R or D to make your washout more reverb or delay-based. Control rate and size too.
  • Slow mode: Enter slow mode for any parameter to slow down the rate at which the effects are applied (swictch from a linear curve to an exponential curve).




Mix or master bus - Grab the main thruster handle and subtly, or not-so-subtly, bring the song down in energy anywhere from 4 - 16 bars before a drop or chorus. Then, at the drop, slam the thruster all the way back up and give everything back, all at once. 


Live DJ sets - Create next-level transitions and manage energy levels on the fly, with one simple control. To adjust all these parameteres live, you would need six or seven hands. 


Individual channels - Sometimes individual sounds need their own special treatment. Get creative! For example, you can add washout to your snare or claps during a buildup. 


Busses or Groups - Problem solve in the mix. For example, use Calm Before to apply a HPF to a group containing everything except for the Kick and Bass, clearing out the low end for the Kick and Bass to shine through. 


  • More Info:

    Compatible with all major DAWs on Windows and Mac. Digital Delivery. 

  • Sonic Satisfaction Guaranteed

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